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Acquisition of Equipment

Our objective is responsible reallocation of medical equipment. We understand the EOL equipment cycle and provide solutions that enable comprehensive, safe and effective disposition of pre-owned surplus medical equipment.

We guide hospitals, laboratories,and others to learn what equipment has retained value. Shore Medequip inventories equipment and provides assessment of inventories. We coordinate and facilitate the de-installation and removal of the equipment regardless of type or manufacturer.

The medical and laboratory equipment Shore Medequip helps liquidate is tested by certified biomedical technicians. Equipment is then sold, donated or responsibly recycled. Surplus assets that are no longer needed in the United States are desperately needed and utilized throughout the world. If un-sellable, the equipment is donated to charities globally.

Shore Medequip practices responsible disposal services for non-saleable, non-usable equipment. Our comprehensive project management process ensures the job is done to the customer’s satisfaction.

When your medical equipment is fully depreciated, take it off your ledger sheet to lessen your tax burden. We help with our asset management disposition program. Shore Medequip provides hospitals, surgery centers, Healthcare Providers, and nonprofit organizations a solution to dispose of unwanted or unneeded assets in order to generate value. Lease buyout or Trade in quotes available.

Our services include immediate and complete removal of all medical equipment from your facility. We own our trucks and rigging equipment. our employees are professional, dependable and fully insured.

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