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Rebuilt Surgery Tables

When your surgery tables begin to show signs of age, allow Shore MedEquip to service them. We offer a comprehensive rebuild at a competitive price that diagnoses and treats the mechanical issues found in a wide variety of surgery tables. See below for a typical Steris rebuild warrantied for one year. $14,999.

Complete Rebuild of Steris 3085 SP Surgery Table

  • Complete disassembly down to the base
  • Sand blast, prime and paint all cast parts (Steris Gray)
  • Electro polish all stainless steel
  • Brake housing disassembly housing disassemble, sand blast and nickel plate, hone and reassemble
  • Complete hydraulic inspection, rebuild leaking cylinders
  • Check PSI output of hydraulic pump
  • Flush and replace hydraulic oil
  • Replace and fit saddle bushing pin
  • Set lash and end play <.250
  • Volt test power supply and check charging system (replace parts as needed)
  • Inspect wiring harness
  • Check override switches, install new covers
  • Check all electronic harnesses and secure
  • Disassemble, clean, lubricate, and assemble kidney bridge (repair or replace broken parts as needed)
  • Recondition radiographic top
  • New wheel set install
  • New brake feet install
  • Check operation of hand control, replace overlay and umbilical if needed
  • Replace battery – check charging system (on battery tables only)
  • Check head board operation (repair or replace as needed)
  • Run table
  • Check final table operation, check table movement and hydraulic timing to OEM specifications

When your medical equipment is fully depreciated, take it off your ledger sheet to lessen your tax burden. We help with our asset management disposition program. Shore Medequip provides hospitals, surgery centers, Healthcare Providers, and nonprofit organizations a solution to dispose of unwanted or unneeded assets in order to generate value. Lease buyout or Trade in quotes available.

Our services include immediate and complete removal of all medical equipment from your facility. We own our trucks and rigging equipment. our employees are professional, dependable and fully insured.

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