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Surgery Tables

Torino 550

Mobile Surgery Table

Multi-purpose positioning

The Torino 550 is a multi-purpose mobile surgery table with electronic positioning capabilities for a variety of surgical procedures. Using the handheld remote control, operators can adjust the Torino 550 into a variety of positions including Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg. Lateral tilt and longitudinal sliding are also standard features. The Torino 550 has large, durable casters that allow clinicians to move patients seamlessly through pre-op, to the surgical suite and into post-operative care.


  • Longitudinal slide up to 13.75in for easy C-arm access.
  • Table weight load capacity rated at 550 pounds.
  • Adjustable height from 28 to 40 inches for improved access to the operative field.
  • Table movements include: Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, leg and back section adjustment, lateral tilt, longitudinal slide for C-arm access, and kidney bridge.
  • Large casters and convenient braking system for easy and convenient maneuvering throughout any surgical facility.
  • Battery backup for continued use in the event of a power loss.
  • Powered or manual solid leg rest.
  • Corded remote control panel for exact positioning.
  • Comfortable memory padding is waterproof and antistatic.
  • Added safety with override panel controls on the base of the unit.
  • Standard accessories: Kidney bridge, shoulder supports, arm supports, rail clamps, leg and foot supports and more.
  • Optional: Can be ordered with manual split leg section


Full Length:

81.1in (2060mm)

Full Width:

21.7in (550mm)

Tabletop Elevation:

28in (710mm) – 40in (1010m)

Kidney Bridge Elevation:

4.3in (110mm)

Horizontal Slide:13.75in

Head Section:

45° up – 90° down

Back Section:

80° up – 20° down

Lateral Tilt:

15° right, 15° left



Reverse Trendelenburg:


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Avante Torino Max

Surgery Table

Premium surgery table with expanded weight capacity

The Avante Torino Max Surgery Table is designed to suit a variety of procedures, including X-ray and C-arm use. Features flex and reflex positioning, and a total weight capacity of 1,000 pounds.


  • Electronic table movements include: Height adjustment
  • Flex and reflex positioning
  • Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg
  • Leg and back section adjustment
  • Lateral tilt Longitudinal slide Return to level
  • Total weight capacity rated at 1,000 pounds.
  • Large casters for easy and convenient maneuvering throughout any surgical facility.
  • Remote lockout ensures table is secure before positioning the patient.
  • Onboard control panel. Self-leveling floor locks.
    Great for X-ray and C-arm use.



  • Leg support – 2 pieces
  • Arm support – 2 pieces
  • Shoulder support – 2 pieces
  • Body support – 2 pieces
  • Anesthetic screen – 1 piece
  • Socket clamps – 2 pieces
  • Accessory clamps – 8 pieces
  • Hand remote – 1 piece



Weight Capacity:

1000 lbs

Table Length:


Table Width:


Minimum Table Height:


Maximum Table Height:


Kidney Bridge:



Longitudinal Slide:


Trendelenburg/ Reverse Trendelenburg: 30° / 30°

Head Section:

48° up / 90° down

Leg Section:

92° down

Back Section:

92° up / 44° down

Lateral Tilt:

21° / 21°

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Avante Torino EXL

Surgery Table

The Avante Torino EXL automatic operating table is an excellent choice for use in a variety of operations. A micro touch remote control operates the quiet electric motors, flexible adjustments of the head, back, and seat plates, and the built-in kidney bridge. The Torino EXL features long horizontal sliding, C-arm and x-ray access.


  • C-arm and X-ray interface capabilities to meet imaging requirements
  • Micro touch remote control with low noise movements
  • Flexible adjustments on head plate, back plate, seat plat and built-in kidney bridge
  • Quiet and reliable electric motors
  • Stainless steel design for excellent stability



2070mm/550mm; 81.5in/21.7in

Elevation (down/up):

700mm/1000mm; 27.6in/39.4in

Kidney Bridge Up:

110mm; 4.3in

Horizontal Sliding:

300mm; 11.8in

Trendelenburg: 25° Lateral Tilt (left, right): 15°

Head Plate (up/down):


Leg Plate (up/down/outward):


Back Plate (up/down):



220V, 50 Hz, 1Kw



  • Anesthesia screen
  • Shoulder support, 1 pair
  • Body support, 1 pair
  • Arm support, 1 pair
  • Leg support, 1 pair
  • Foot plate, 1 pair


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Marseille MMT

Mobile Manual Surgical Table

A premium table with mobile casters and a small footprint.

The Marseille MMT is an expertly designed manual operating table with mobile maneuvering that delivers industry-standard features at an affordable price. The multi-purpose table is suited to a variety of medical specialties.

With four easy-glide castors, the Marseille MMT can
be moved quickly from room to room, allowing you to save space in your facility. The table’s base is designed with a small footprint, allowing unparalleled access to the operative field. The Marseilles MMT is constructed using premium 304 stainless steel with a matte finish and features German- engineered hydraulic springs.



  • Manual operating table suitable for use in a variety of surgical procedures.
  • Features four centrally-controlled castors for efficiently moving the table throughout your facility.
  • Table base is designed with a minimal footprint, allowing clinicians to gain unobstructed access to the operative field.
  • Durable materials with a sturdy base designed for years of use.
  • Two castors swivel for easy and accurate maneuvering.
  • Unique split-leg design.
  • Premium 304 stainless steel in a matte finish prevents rusting or corrosion.
  • Easily adjust back and leg sections with German-engineered hydraulic springs.
  • Table pads are completely sealed and can be quickly removed for cleaning.


Tabletop Height Adjustment: 26.4” – 38.2”

Kidney Bridge:4.7”



Reverse Trendelenburg: 30°

Headplate Adjustment: 60° / 75°

Legplate Adjustment: up 15°, down 90°, outward 90°

Backplate Adjustment: +70° / -30°


  • Anesthesia screen — 1 piece
  • Shoulder supports — 1 pair
  • Body supports — 1 pair
  • Arm supports — 1 pair
  • Leg supports — 1 pair
  • Foot plates — 1 pair

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